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Tax filing in Georgia

Filing tax declarations is mandatory for all entrepreneurs and legal entities in Georgia. This helps the government keep track of income and provide tax benefits depending on the legal form. The specialists at Jara Accounting will help you complete your declarations accurately and on time to avoid penalties.

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Tax declaration process in Georgia

Mandatory filing
Filing tax declarations is required for all entrepreneurs and legal entities in Georgia. This ensures the government can monitor income and provide relevant tax benefits based on the legal form.
Types of taxes
We assist with filing declarations for all types of taxes: profit tax — 15%; dividend tax — 5%; income (salary) tax — 20%; VAT — 18%; import tax — from 0 to 12%; withholding tax — from 10 to 15%; property tax — 1%; and others.
Filing deadlines
The deadlines for filing declarations depend on the chosen legal form and tax system of the company. Small status individual entrepreneurs (IE) and LLCs file monthly tax returns, while IEs with a 20% tax burden only need to file an annual profit tax declaration.
Electronic filing
All declarations are submitted electronically through the personal account on the tax service portal.

Additional Services

Declaration adjustments
We assist with making adjustments to submitted declarations.
Pension contribution declarations
Separate filing on the pension fund website.
VAT reimbursement
Our specialists ensure correct matching of incoming and outgoing VAT and help with supplier invoice requests.
Additional Services

Service cost

Tax filing
We offer tax declaration preparation and filing services, ensuring accuracy and timeliness.
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