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Remote company registration in Georgia

If you are in Georgia, you can open an LLC or JSC within 3 business days. The specialists at Jara Accounting will gather the necessary documents and assist in submitting them to the justice department.

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Steps for remote registration

Preparation of all documents (power of attorney, charter)
Permanent legal address
Registration in the Registry
Registration in the Tax Office
Opening of multi-currency bank account
Business card, company seal (on request anywhere in the world)

The preparation of documents 

To open a company remotely in Georgia, a power of attorney for company registration is required. Regardless of your location, according to the "Entrepreneurs Law," all individuals have the right to open and run a business in Georgia on equal terms. Our specialists will help you choose the optimal legal form for your company and provide consultation on tax matters and preferential regimes.

Necessary steps for remote company registration in Georgia

Prepare a power of attorney at a notary based on the provided form, apostille it in your country (not required for CIS countries).
Provide copies of the company owner's passport and the company name in English.

Remote registration process

Translation and notarization of documents in Georgia
Submission of application to the Public Registry and payment of fees
Obtaining the registration certificate at the House of Justice
Registration of the company with the tax authorities
Opening a bank account
Remote registration process

For the tax authorities and the bank, a second set of powers of attorney specifying the legal entity's identification number is required. All power of attorney samples will be prepared and provided to you as part of the remote registration service. You will only need to notarize them and send them by express mail.

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