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Tax planning

Tax planning consultation is one of the most popular services among our clients. The specialists at Jara Accounting will help your company choose the optimal legal structure and tax regime considering the business structure and profit distribution model.

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Key aspects of Tax Planning

Business forms
The specialists at Jara Accounting will analyze your company's activities and select the most suitable legal form, whether it's an IE, LLC, or preferential forms such as virtual zone status, international company status, or registration in a free industrial zone.
The country's taxation system
We will help determine the tax burden for your business and find opportunities for tax optimization.
Tax reporting
Consultations on tax and accounting reporting, including procedures, requirements, and deadlines for declaring and paying taxes.

Benefits of preferential tax regimes

Preferential tax regimes in Georgia allow businesses to operate in zones with minimal tax obligations. We will help optimize your company's tax burden.

Tax planning services

Resolution of tax disputes
Consultations on resolving company tax disputes.
Non-standard situations
Assistance in resolving unique situations related to legal norms.
Tax analysis
Conducting tax expertise to identify risks for the company.
Tax audit
Conducting a tax audit to prevent negative consequences when entering into agreements.
Tax policy
Developing a company tax policy considering economic interests.
Tax planning services
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