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Managing financial activities

To conduct full-fledged financial activities in Georgia, individuals and companies need a bank account. A local bank account allows foreign nationals to conveniently make purchases and transfers. Companies gain access to internet banking, acquiring services, and business cards, enhancing their financial operations.

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Choosing a bank

TBC Bank
The leader in the Georgian banking system with assets of $9.7 billion and a market share of 39.5%. Accounts can be opened within an hour. They offer mobile, internet, and SMS banking services, as well as Visa and MasterCard payment cards.
Bank of Georgia
The second-largest bank in Georgia with assets of $9.6 billion and a revenue of 343 million lari. It has over 300 branches and 2.6 million users.
Credo Bank
A prompt bank with assets of $758 million. It offers a simplified account opening procedure for foreign nationals and has specialized branches in Tbilisi.
Choosing a bank

Preparation of documents

To open a personal account for non-residents, the following are required:

  • Passport;
  • Georgian SIM card;
  • Bank statements for six months (at least three months to show turnover);
  • Documents confirming the source of funds.

To open a corporate account, the following additional documents are needed:

  • Extract from the Georgian registry of legal entities;
  • Information on the ultimate beneficiaries of the company;
  • Other documents as requested by the bank (e.g., office lease agreement).

Capabilities of Georgian banks

Modern online banking system
Issuance of corporate bank cards
Payment signing via the Digipass app
Instant international money transfers
Deposits with favorable interest rates
Capabilities of Georgian banks

Remote Financial Management

Even if you are in another country, you will be able to manage the finances of your Georgian company and withdraw cash. Jara Accounting will help you choose a bank and open an account for personal and business use.

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