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Bookkeeping Restoration in Georgia

Restoring bookkeeping is a complex process aimed at bringing a company's financial documentation in line with Georgian legislation. The duration of the restoration depends on the company's age and the volume of financial activities. The specialists at Jara Accounting will help organize your financial documents and prepare your bookkeeping for a tax audit.

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Necessary steps for bookkeeping restoration

Accounting software
Determine if electronic accounting was previously maintained and gain access to the software used.
Bank statement
Provide the company’s bank statement in Excel format for the entire period of business activity.
Tax portal
Access to the personal account on the tax portal (company login and password).
Primary documentation
Collect all available primary documentation, including contracts, acts, invoices, and receipts.
Necessary steps for bookkeeping restoration

In compliance with Georgian legislation, every company is required to maintain proper accounting and tax records. However, there are situations where bookkeeping is either non-existent or conducted improperly. In such cases, the specialists at Jara Accounting are ready to help restore your bookkeeping.

Reasons for bookkeeping restoration

Accounting was not maintained since the company's founding.

Service cost

Bookkeeping restoration
The cost depends on the tax system, the period for which the bookkeeping needs to be restored, and the urgency of the work.
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