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Financial and tax consultations in Georgia

When starting a business in Georgia, our clients often face gaps in understanding the tax system, reporting procedures, and interactions with contractors, banks, and government agencies. The specialists at Jara Accounting provide consultations on all matters related to finance and taxes in Georgia.

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Our goal is to help clients resolve issues at all stages of doing business in Georgia, from registration to ongoing operations. We offer consultations on financial and tax matters, including online consultations.

Main consultation topics

Assistance with payment processing and cash inflows
Company tax payments
Contractor verification and payment calculations for contractual obligations
Interaction with banks
Interaction with the justice system and tax authorities
Assistance with cash management

Interaction with banks and government services

One of the key aspects of Jara Accounting's client support is interaction with banks, government services, and third-party companies in the Georgian language, allowing for quick responses to all your questions.

Service cost

We provide consultations on financial and tax issues, addressing all the questions entrepreneurs have in this area.
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